The sixth Council of Guangdong Electric Variable Inductance Association was held in NRE.



Guangdong Province Electronic Transformer Inductance Industry Association, the sixth Council was held in the unit of vice president - Guangdong NRE Technology Co., Ltd on August 19, 2016. The meeting was attended by 13 representatives’ enterprises, such as Sunlord, Daxin, Jingquanhua, Liya Da, Jin Shunyi, Yamasai and Beta.

The participants visited the workshop, product exhibition room and test center under the leadership of Vice President Li Minhong before the meeting. The test center of NRE was equipped with Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory and Material Laboratory, Environmental laboratories which is national laboratories approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS)


It is said that chairman Wu specifically delayed their trip to Canada in order to participate in the Council.


Grape direction of development and establish the industry brand

The president Li Youyun said that the development of electronic transformer should focus on electronics and military fields at the meeting. With the development of new energy vehicles, electronic transformer industry will enter a new round of explosive growth; the trend mainly comes from two aspects: one is the car charger; the other is the car's visual system and reversing device. The future of new cars will require a large number of magnetic devices which is an important component of the magnetic field due to the higher energy and intelligence. At present, Sunlord Electronics has been in contact with such customers in the test phase with large order. The field of military industry is the root of the country with high profits and quick payment which is the industry's development opportunities.


President also said that the foreign is no longer need mass production of electronic transformers, inductors and magnetic components. The market return to domestic enterprises and associations should seize the opportunity to establish industry brand.


The participant made a supplement about the establishment of the industry brand that establish external brand as association. The secretariat will report related information to the enterprises later.


Promote cooperation and exchange


The association encouraged the company to provide three core technologies (product), for what is true in order to promote mutual cooperation between members and reduce the waste of resources. The Secretariat will record the information and informed within the association which make members of the association complement with each other and expertise to do in their areas.


At the same time, the association decided to set up a purchase group which gets the responsible person together in order to better cooperate and discuss the issue of centralized procurement as association. Mr. Wu mentioned that he had successfully combined with more than ten enterprises to purchase silicon steel strip and pointed out that this experience has proved that the possibility of purchasing raw materials of small deformation as association. The unity of association can save the procurement costs, improve the efficiency and benefit to entire association and members.


Resource of certification and improve awareness

        At the meeting, Yamamai's general manager Zhou’s advice: the Association can gradually  towards the direction of "certified membership qualification", improve the awareness of enterprises, and guide customers concerned about the excellent enterprises in different fields which was recognized by president.



The time and venue of the 7th council and grand dinner

       It was announced that the next board meeting will be held on December 16, 2016 at Boroda Xin Electronics Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu arranged a sumptuous dinner after the meeting. The members talk well during the dinner which is a perfect ending.

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