NRE - Hubei new transformer co., LTD., the 4th anniversary of the factory and the ceremony of the first 110 kv transformer

    The first 110 kv transformer came out on June 16,2016 which is the 4th anniversary of the factory. A grand celebration was held in front of the office building at 9 am. Laohekou City mayor and leader, the media, Chairman of NRE, part of colleagues and other people from all walks of life attend the ceremony and shared in happiness. Laohekou Mayor and other company leaders respectively made a speech, and than Mr. Wu delivered his speech on behalf of the chairman of the board which reviewed the hardships and difficulties of the company in the past. He talked about the current situation and opportunities and portrayed bright prospects for the future. He thanked the government departments at all levels of Laohekou City for their help, the support and the hard work of the staff. We firmly believe that the new Hubei NRE will be more brilliant under the leadership of chairman.


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