Warmly congratulate Mr. Lin Shuqun, the General Manager of NRE Electronics Branch, who was awarded "Foshan outstanding workers of invention and innovation Contest"

       In order to give full play to the enthusiasm and initiative of the vast number of workers, the ceremony, "Foshan outstanding workers of invention and innovation Contest", was held in Foshan Torch Innovation Pioneer Park. More than 1,500 people who come from the Guangdong Provincial Industrial Design Association, Foshan City Intellectual Property Associations and representatives of the district and municipal units, trade union cadres attended the event.

      The competition is organized by Foshan Federation of Trade Unions, Foshan Safety Supervision Bureau and Foshan Science and Technology Bureau and jointly sponsored by Foshan Industrial Design Institute, Foshan Shenfo Science and technology Financial Innovation Promotion Center and Foshan electrical business Creative Park with the theme of “Labor Achievement Dreams, Innovation Defining the Future. This activity is also an important practical activity for service enterprises which is the association of two science and technology societies of Shenfo.

The selection of three types of innovation in competition, respectively, is the outstanding invention and innovation, outstanding creative achievements and safety technology innovation and creative results. It requires that the selected invention and innovation results must be based on the main R & D workers for the practical application of significant economic and social benefits, or identified with great development and creative potential.

The organizers invited expert to evaluate and select 50 outstanding positive achievements today.It was not only awarded certificates and special funds for outstanding achievements but also provided funds to help research and apply for the significance application of innovation achievement.

       Foshan federation vice chairman Yang Yuri said that Foshan union workers will create platform carrier like innovative research, employee innovation demonstration base, innovation in online forums and the third model innovative chamber to form the three-dimensional staff innovation system and help boost Foshan innovation-driven development strategy.

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